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UF Center for Spirituality and Health (CSH)  

The CSH mission is to pursue research and provide curriculum at the interface of spirituality and the health sciences. It is designed to promote within UF the rigorous, interdisciplinary study of the human experience of faith, belief and spiritual knowledge in relation to health at the individual, community and global levels. The CSH explores the wider contexts of spirituality, religion and sciences as a whole, using the interface of spirituality and health sciences to bring Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences into relationship.


UF Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) 

The  UF CWC provides individual and couples  counseling, therapists support,  crisis and emergency services, alcohols and other drug services, psychiatry expertise, groups and workshops, self-help resources (e.g. anxiety, stress, apps), training programs, and more.

Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine at UF Health offers various workshops and classes in mindfulness practices.

UF Human Resources Services  

The UF HR is committed to support wellness for staff and faculty at UF. The Wellness Wednesday seminar/workshop series offers education on a broad range of wellness topics, including mindfulness. Recordings are available of Wellness Wednesday offerings.

GatorWell Health promotion services

GatorWell uses health promotion strategies to educate UF students about health and wellness topics relevant to the college experience. These strategies include health-related individual services, programming, advocacy, and assessment. Students can meet with a health educator for the following one-on-one services: Wellness Coaching for Academic Success, HIV Testing, requesting health presentations and tabling outreach.