Fall 2020 courses

(Un)common reads: Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations

IDH2930, Section 0182, Class #26267 on Fridays, 9th period, in Little 117

The book Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations makes ancient Greek philosophies easily accessible and relevant for modern day life. It is divided into different “teaching sessions,” starting from “Morning Roll Call: Socrates and the Art of Street Philosophy” and the “morning session” (Epictetus and the Art of Maintaining Control; Musonius Rufus and the Art of Fieldwork; Seneca and the Art of Managing Expectations) to the “noon session” (Epicurus and the Art of Savoring the Moment), “early-afternoon session” (Heraclitus and the Art of Cosmic Contemplation; Pythagoras and the Art of Memorization and Incantation; Skeptics and the Art of Cultivating Doubt), “late-afternoon session” (Diogenes and the Art of Anarchy; Plato and the Art of Justice; Plutarch and the Art of Heroism; Aristotle and the Art of Flourishing), and finally “Graduation: Socrates and the Art of Departure.” Because I am a big believer in experiential learning, students will practice living according to the philosophy (or philosophies) we discuss each week and write about and discuss their experiences.

Information and Contact:  Monika Ardelt, PhD. Professor of Sociology – ardelt@ufl.edu

Mindful Living: A Course on Spirituality for Everyday Life

MHS 3930

Mindful Living is geared to teach students about various approaches of how to live a more “mindful” life. The holistic approach focuses on the various mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual conditions that arise when confronted with stressful or traumatic situations throughout one’s lifespan. Students will be provided a wide range of perspectives regarding personal responsibility toward stress management and mindful self-care practices. Throughout the semester, we will practice various mindfulness-based techniques to learn how to reduce the negative effects of different psychological concerns in one’s life through tangible application methods. Specifically, students will learn some mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices throughout the semester, as well as informal mindfulness practices. Each class will have a different 10-minute guided mindfulness activity, followed by reflection of your experience. Throughout the class we will engage in various mindful, experiential, creative, didactic, and process oriented discussions.

Information and Contact:  Information and Contact: Amber Brisa Moss – ambermoss@ufl.edu

Spirituality and Creativity in Health

NUR4930/NGR 6930 – undergraduate and graduate course on Thursdays, from 5 – 8 pm, in HPNP Building G-301

This course is a transformational educational course to deepen knowledge and core tenets of integrating a spiritual practice with a creative life. There are experiential activities of exploring the arts by engaging with music, dance, written word, visual arts and various creative processes. Each student will learn caring skills of loving kindness, authentic presence and radical empathy in a powerful learning community. The focus is a transformational learning process to reclaim being an artist as part of their spiritual expression in life and their careers

Information and Contact: Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD. RN. FAAN  Associate Professor, College of Nursing- maryrockwoodlane@gmail.com