The vision of the University of Florida (UF) Mindfulness initiative is to create a more mindful UF campus. We aim to (i) infuse mindfulness practices in existing courses and curricula at UF, (ii) offer new cross-disciplinary short courses, trainings and workshops, and (iii) serve as a catalyst sparking mindful moments to create a healthy campus culture.

Our interdisciplinary team aims to integrate silos of mindfulness and co-create mindful spaces that facilitate mindful communication and listening. The goal is to emerge mindfulness in UF campus culture. This means deep integration of mindfulness practices, such as mindful listening and communication, meditation, breathing techniques,  and body-based practices in the learning process and life on-campus.

The paradox of our modern time is that mindfulness is inherently simple and human and available anytime and anyplace; yet many of us have forgotten about it. This project aims to reconnect us to ancient truths, breath-by-breath taming the anxious mind.

Overview: Figure UF Mindfulness.

Funding to launch UF Mindfulness was provided by the Creative Campus Program, UF. 

award (2016)

The UF Mindfulness team was awarded the 2016 Champions for Change Award.

This award was provided by the University of Florida Office of Sustainability and the Healthy Gators Coalition, recognizing individuals/groups that have made significant contributions to the UF community in the areas of sustainability and health & well-being.