Ongoing Training 2020

360° Mindfulness: Fall 2020

Goals of the Mindfulness Practice Group

In this mindfulness practice group we will explore embodied mindfulness and mind-body practices in 360 degree fashion – from the inside out (through self-awareness and experience), and outside in (learn what is known about the practice). The integration of mind, body, heart, vital energies, and consciousness provides profound insights into our way of being, how we interrelate with each other, and ultimately shape the world. The goal is to discover how mindfulness can be embodied to boost fullness and aliveness.

Facilitators / Teachers

The workshop group will be facilitated by faculty members of the UF Mindfulness team and invited guest teachers.

Learning outcomes

(1) Gain appreciation for the many different mindfulness/mind-body practices without judging one as better, superior, or as “the only practice that reveals the truth” (pluralistic lens);

(2) Co-create a compassionate mindful UF community;

(3) Foster mutually constructive relation among people;

(4) Enhance self-awareness and life skills;

(5) Engage in dialogue and participation, and reduce polarization in a culture that is becoming more polarized, stressed, full of expectations, angry and fearful;

(6) Develop positive prosocial skills, such as empathy and compassion, serving others beyond oneself (family, UF community, regional or global village, all beings, and cosmos).


1 hour long mindfulness practice and teaching sessions each week throughout the semester.

For Whom

The group is offered at no cost to faculty, Post-Docs, staff members, undergraduate and graduate students at UF.

UF members from all 16 colleges are welcome. No previous experience in mindfulness or meditation is required. Just come with a smile and curiosity to learn about mindfulness.


Since the start of the pandemic the group meets online via Zoom.

To register for any session, please check our Eventbrite registration page.


In this group we will practice and learn about mindfulness in 360 degree fashion – full circle – open your mind and be curious.

There are many different kinds of mindfulness and mind-body practices rooted in different traditions and styles (East and West; secular and non-secular; mind only, mind-body or fully embodied; formal meditation and relaxed mindfulness; stress-reduction, loving-kindness, somatic meditation, or others). Despite their inherent differences in terms of the view/philosophy, goals, and beliefs these practices share similar outcomes, such as enhanced prosocial skills and benefits (e.g., empathy, tolerance, compassion, kindness, and openness), academic performance (e.g., improved ability to concentrate, clarity of mind, resilience to handle stress), well-being as well as less self-centeredness.


We adopt a participatory approach to explore, study, befriend, and experience various mindfulness and mind-body practices. Each selected practice will be focused on for 1-3 sessions to provide stability and depth of experience, while exploration of new practices will open participants to the vast amount of mindfulness and mind-body practices. We will not teach a specific tradition/type (e.g., mindfulness-based stress reduction – MBSR, insight meditation, or Zen) because each one is tied to specific cultural, religious, spiritual, psychological, and/or medical views and beliefs leading to privileging of one selected mindfulness practice to be the “best” and “the only one”. Instead, in this group we will focus on the process of mindfulness practice cultivating observation, attention, awareness, and transpersonal development (beyond the ordinary ego/self).

Core elements include: 1) breath (e.g., focused/point-specific, whole-body breathing), 2) attention and awareness, 3) body (e.g., posture, physical body, subtle body), 4) present moment experience, 5), movement – stillness, 6) heart (loving-kindness), 7) thoughts (cognition, mental formations), 8) feelings and emotions (e.g., openness-closedness, letting go, letting be, anxiety, fear, compassion), 9) perspectives (“I” and “you”; intimate self-awareness), 10) form and formlessness meditation (nonduality, oneness), 11) Transpersonal psychology, and 12) subtle energies (e.g., consciousness, mind, energy), and more.

We invite you to practice daily in-between teaching sessions or as often as you can. A course web site in Canvas provides supplementary material about particular practices (e.g., recommended reading, history/philosophy/spiritual/religious background, podcasts, video clips, and recordings) and an e-reflection journal.


Mindfulness is a life skill and its practice has shown emotional, cognitive, relational, physiological, spiritual, overall health and well-being benefits (e.g. stress reduction and emotional resilience). You will learn mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness and somatic practices in a trusted and safe environment from skillful teachers. Q&A and

dialogue in a safe social container will allow personal growth and sharing/integration of experiences.

Contact information

Contacts: Or: Sabine Grunwald, Director of UF Mindfulness:


UF Mindfulness:;; Twitter: @sacred_swamp.

Facilitated by the UF Mindfulness Team. 
Mondays (5:30 – 6:30 pm). Schedule and topics below.

Mindfulness is not one, but many. Learn about the many facets of mindfulness.

Too much stress, anxiety, frustration, or dissatisfaction in your life – this workshop is for you.


The mindfulness practice group is offered the whole semester (1 session per week; 1 hr. long) at no cost to the UF community. The sessions are offered by volunteers with kind hearts of the UF Mindfulness faculty team. The Workshop 360° was launched in Fall semester 2018 and continues now as “UF Mindfulness Practice Group” in the Spring semester 2020. With this group we aim to build a community of students, faculty, and staff members who share an interest to practice and learn about mindfulness.

To register for any session, please see our Eventbrite page by clicking the button below:

Access to 360° Mindfulness Website

The 360° Mindfulness course resources have been made public to the UF community!

As of November 25th 2019, all students, staff, and faculty members with a Gatorlink account have access to the 360 Degrees Mindfulness Course Resources. The list of resources include audio recordings, slides, talks, guided meditations, and reading recommendations related to mindfulness meditation and practices. The materials can be found on the Canvas website (UF eLearning). The website is accessible 24/7 and is a great tool for distant learning students as well as alumni who wish to connect with the UF mindfulness program. We invite you to explore and enhance your own practice through this website, in your own time, regardless of your prior level of mindfulness experience. 

Note, mindfulness practice in a group setting with a teacher/facilitator and other practitioners is 100 times more beneficial. Online mindfulness resources can complement face-to-face mindfulness teaching and practice, but it cannot fully substitute for it.

Come to practice with the group !

Special Mind Zoom

Mindfulness in zoom or zoom into your mind.

We will practice mindfulness together – unbound from location (anyplace on campus, your office, workspace, study space, coffee shop, or the comfort of your home) as long as you have a device that supports the zoom app and an internet connection. All welcome (UF students, faculty and staff members as well as the Gainesville community). Let us build a mindful UF community. Questions about the Mind Zoom contact:

In response to the Corona pandemic all Mind Zoom sessions in Spring semester will focus on how to mindfully relate to the Corona virus public health crisis.

Mindful Relaxation Minutes


Department of Psychiatry students, residents, faculty and staff; other health care providers are welcome.


Thursdays 12:15pm to 12:45pm

How to participate

Join Zoom Meeting using:​ 

The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to invite you to join the “Mindful Relaxation Minutes”, a weekly thirty-minute opportunity to rejuvenate.

We learn how to practice various proven ways to reduce stress levels, including Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training and Breath Work.

Sessions will be led by experienced teachers and online didactic information will be available on the UF Psychiatry Sharepoint for those who want to learn more about the scientific evidence base or how to access additional resources. Just log-on with your gatorlink username and password.

Department of Psychiatry students, residents, faculty and staff; other health care providers are welcome. For more information, including archived sessions, please visit this Mindfulness Relaxation Minutes page.

UF | Counseling & Wellness Center

The UF counseling & Wellness Center offers workshops as well as group therapy to the student population.

Workshops are no-commitment opportunities to learn and practice different coping skills and wellness habits aimed towards improving the mental health of college students.

Group Therapy helps you to share your experiences with a small group of your peers and a counselor.

Integrative Medicine, UF Health & Mindfulness 

Integrative medicine brings together practices once-considered “alternative” medicine, combining those with the latest research and medical technology, to foster the connection between the mind, body and spirit that is often missing in conventional medicine.

Integrative medicine is an approach to care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.

Gatorwell Stress Management Program

Gatorwell offers various resources relating to health topics such as stress management, sleep management, sexual health and substance abuse.

GatorWell’s Stress Management Program Offers Students:

– Education and resources to empower UF students to make healthy decisions about managing their stress.

– Individual Wellness Coaching for Academic Success which can include goal setting around stress management strategies.

– Outreach including presentations and outreach tabling related to stress management.

– Online resources including guided meditations.



Are you  looking for a teacher, facilitator or coach to bring mindfulness to your unit, department or college? Do you like to offer a mindfulness or meditation training, seminar, workshop or retreat to your colleagues, unit leaders and/or students? Do you have interest to co-create mindful campus culture and integrative education with a mindful touch?

Mindfulness brings forth intrapersonal and social awareness fostering collegiality, kindness, compassion, and well-being. Mindfulness has been shown to enhance attention, reduce stress, and academic performance.

We accept donations. Submit requests for scheduling of a mindfulness training, course, or consultation.  

Types of offerings

The UF Mindfulness team offers extensive expertise in mindfulness meditation, compassion practice, and integration of mindfulness into teaching, research, and everyday life.

Contact us to schedule
  • Mindfulness training / teaching / retreat / event in your department, unit, or group.
  • Facilitate a mindfulness retreat (1/2,  1  day, or weekend retreats).
  • Meetings enhanced with mindfulness to provide a relaxed setting to discuss difficult/controversial/polarized matters.
  • Short course (6 – 8 weeks) in mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindful education, mind matters, calming breathing practices, or other.
Business model

UF Mindfulness embraces the conscious business model, which builds on the triple bottom line – Profit, People & Planet. The idea is to go “above and beyond” the ordinary business-as-usual at UF, foster the good, and do no harm. The conscious operation of the self-funded UF Mindfulness is grounded in the sustainability, health, and well-being of people at UF rippling out to other larger communities.

Past Trainings & Teachings

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR has been recognized worldwide for over 30 years as a research-based working approach to a variety of health issues including anxiety, stress, depression, grief, fatigue, pain, chronic illness, eating disturbances, and sleep problems.

Offered through the UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine | UF Health Integrative Medicine Program.

Tools for a Mindful Life:
Meeting the challenges of these stressful times


This is a six week long course plus a Day of Mindfulness at the Casa Micanopy. CEs available.
Explore the research-based core
practices of mindfulness. Enhance
your awareness of life’s daily treasured
moments and refine your coping skills
through the mobilization of your inner
resources for learning, growing, and
In this workshop, you’ll practice:
* Mindful sitting, movement, and eating
* Compassion and gratitude
* Breathing and relaxation techniques


Jan. 31 – Mar. 7, 2018


Nancy Lasseter, EdS, LMHC, Wellness Education UF Health Integrative Medicine Program

MBSR: Evidence-based skills training for coping with distress in everyday life


The eight week fall session of MBSR offers the possibility of bringing greater peace and well being into your life.
This course will introduce you to time tested stress reduction skills that include sitting meditation, walking meditation, the body scan, yoga, qigong, and includes gratitude and kindness practices. You will be given homework and audio files to practice at home and work.


Sept. 7 – Nov. 2, 2016


Nancy Lasseter, EdS, LMHC, Wellness Education UF Health Integrative Medicine Program

Yoga & Pilates

Mindfulness Retreat

Join Nancy at the beautiful Gainesville Retreat Center for quiet, relaxing day of mindfulness practices suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Come enjoy sitting and walking meditation, body scan, gratitude and qigong practices. Guided instructions will be provided. Reserve this time for yourself to unplug and recharge, to relax your body and mind, to uplift and renew your energy and spirit. 


Nov. 19, 2016 (9:00 am to 3:00 pm)


Gainesville Retreat Center (GRC)


Nancy Lasseter, EdS, LMHC.

Nancy Lasseter is a Wellness Educator with UF Health Integrative Medicine, a Psychotherapist in private practice, and a Qigong instructor who has been teaching mindfulness since 2005.

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Weekend

Meditation uncovers our wisdom and sharpens our intelligence. In this workshop, we receive practical instructions and tools for bringing the clarity of mindfulness and awareness into every day life.  Daily challenges can become opportunities for both contemplative practice and social action. Through the practice of meditation we begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings. We will engage in meditation and awareness practices, contemplative exercises, and self insight and discovery, all within a safe and gentle environment.


Nov. 5  (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) and Nov 6, 2016 (9:00 am to 3:00 pm). Two day retreat. 


Wonderful Casa Micanopy

Address: 22259 NW 75th Avenue Rd., Micanopy, FL 32667.

Driving directions to the Casa


 Dr. Jan Snyder

Dr. Snyder began meditation practice and study in 2004, and since then has focused on the integration of meditation and mindfulness practices into psychotherapy.  She is the coordinator of the local Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group, and has received certification within Shambhala as a Shambhala Guide and a teacher of  a series of meditation in everyday life classes.

Mindful Body Scan Meditation

The body scan is a mindfulness practice focusing attention on the different parts of the body—from the feet to the top of the head. It is designed to develop awareness of sensations by observing the body as it is, without judgement or trying to change it.


Teacher: Kim Holton, Ph.D., Health Promotion Specialist, UF Human Resource Services


Research suggests this practice can reduce stress, improve well-being and decrease aches and pains. It may also increase attentiveness to physical needs and sensations, which can lead to healthier decisions about eating, sleep and exercise.


The body scan is usually done lying down but can also be done sitting in a chair. Comfortable clothes and layers for warmth are recommended.

Mindfulness Wave

Ride the mindfulness wave. Get trained in mindfulness and learn how to practice mindfulness.

UF mindfulness teachings (1-2 hours) will be offered by team members of UF Mindfulness on a rotational basis among the 16 colleges in 2016.  Teachers and instructors will learn how to integrate mindfulness into their classroom and/or online teachings.

For who

Open for students, faculty members, instructors, researchers, staff members and administrators.


The benefits of
mindful classrooms are manifold entailing cognitive,
emotional and bodily benefits to learners and
instructors. Students can learn how to enhance
learning, productivity, health and well-being with
mindfulness practices (e.g., reduce exam anxiety,
enhance emotional resilience in stressful situations,
such as class presentations). Researchers may benefit
from mindful communication, collaboration and
listening to spark creativity and achieve the highest
potential for successful proposal development,
harmony in research teams, and authentic leadership.

Other Past Trainings & Teachings


    • January, 28, 2016, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), Solutions Seminar, Straughn Center, Gainesville, FL.
    • Speaker: Sabine Grunwald.  
    • March 10-12, 2016, Blacksburg, VA
    • Embracing mindfulness – breath-by-breath – at the University of Florida” by S. Grunwald, M. Ardelt, A. Puig, N.J. Lasseter, L.A. Ritz, N.F. (May) Dolen, F. Lewis, J. Snyder, T. Drake, T. Tannen, M. Murphy, A. Brown, K. Holton, E. Turner and A. S. Lindner.
    • Proceeding paper (2016)
    • July 27, 2016 (9:00 am to 12:00pm), UF campus, Reitz Union.
    • Seed workshop for teenagers.
    • Organizers and Teachers (UF IFAS extension): Monika Brinkley and Shelley Swanson.
    • Teachers: Sabine Grunwald (Mindfulness sessions) and Kim Holton (Yoga).
    • June 28, 2016, Infinity Hall, Gainesville FL
    • Teacher: Sabine Grunwald


    • August 18, 2015
    • CALS Teaching Enhancement Symposium 2015, Gainesville, FL
    • The New Campus-wide UF Mindfulness Program to Enhance Teaching
    • Goals/Objectives of the session (75 min.): (1) Introduce participants to mindfulness practices and benefits; (2) Provide participants an overview of the new UF Mindful Campus Program; (3) Engage participants in an experiential session w/ 2 or more mindfulness practices and allow them to share experiences in dyads and with the group; and (4) Share personal experiences and opportunities to practice mindfulness. 
    • Instructors: Monika Ardelt, Sabine Grunwald, Nancy J. Lasseter, and Louis A. Ritz.
    • December 1st, 2015 (12:15 to 2 pm)
    • UF College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Gainesville, FL.
    • Teacher: Nancy Lasseter.
    • Fall 2015
    • New pillar mindfulness unit in the IUF 1000 “What is the Good Life” general educ. class in one instructor led section.
    • Instructor: F. Lewis